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Peaking under the shade of the 2 great oaks, lies the farm estate where 6 suites can accomodate up to 6 couples. There is a pond in the back of the great barn, and beyond is the stables of their horses. There are many restaurants and antique shops in the area. Top: One the suites of the barn has an Asian flavor. (Review continues below)

In the farm estate of this artist couple lies a summer vacation New York style.

In scorching Manhattan, these New Yorkers handle work without showing fatigue. Because they spend their weekends in their country estate to recharge, they can be cool in the summer.

As artists living in Manhattan, Mr. and Mrs. Hirsch escape for 2 hours by car every weekend in their upgraded farm surrounded by the beautiful Catskills. They say elegantly that “being in the city is like living in a shopping mall. It is important to commune with nature and be refreshed.” In addition, they offer the farm to friends and aquaintances as a hotel with excellent popularity.

There are also many an urban worker who rent the entire property for short periods during the summer and enjoy swimming in the creek, barbecuing, reading…. To keep an eye on their New York residence when they stay away for awhile, they also sublet their loft for some to experience a summer vacation, Manhattan-style!”

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