Thakoon dress for a Kaaterskill Wedding

Thakoon dress for a Kaaterskill Wedding

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Thakoon Panichfiul dreams up an out-of-the-ordinary wedding dress for Marcia Patmos BY PRIYA RAO (Spring/Summer 2013)

Town and Country Magazine

For Knitwear designer Marcia Patmos, meeting Thakoon Panichgul more than a decade ago proved to be almost as serendipitous as meeting the future groom, Richard Alwyn Fisher. “Thakoon and I have been friends since he was at Harper’s Bazaar, but back then I never imagined he would design my wedding dress. because he didn’t even have his own line yet.” Patmos says.

After Patmos and Fisher became engaged, on New Year’s Day 2012, Thakoon graciously offered to do the dress “I was thrilled,” Patmos says. At that point she had already surveyed the gowns at Barneys and Bergdorf Goodman but had yet to find anything she felt reflected her way of dressing. “My style is layered and casual, but pulled together,” she says. “So I wanted something simple, kind of like a T-shirt, only more wedding appropriate.” That her concept fit well with Thakoon’s aesthetic was a bonus. “He has things which are really intricate but easy to wear, and there’s always something fresh and feminine about them,” Patmos says.

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