The Kaaterskill Featured in El Nacional

“The Nature Has Five Stars in Catskill” El Nacional. Caracas Venezuela

The Kaaterskill Featured in El Nacional



The Kaaterskill Featured in El Nacional

“The Nature Has Five Stars in Catskill” El Nacional. Caracas Venezuela
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This place located two hours Manhattan provides a refuge Dream: The Kaaterskill Inn
Watercolors with touches of red, orange, yellow and green are the images that come to mind when thinking The Kaaterskill Inn inn during the fall. Trees, the mountains and the river surrounding these nuances are covered When September arrives, but the site providesother post. Like when the snow covers the bare bones shrubs and other in the sun shines brightly. this rural treasure is in Catskill village of settlers Dutch located two hours New York.
The rural architecture of walls wood and windows White only preserved in the façade. Fromrest, mysticism of Asian sculptures Tang Dynasty by the modern furniture, mark their eclectic style. For the decoration oriented cultures, the visitor could hardly guess that grace the grounds comes with a Venezuelan. Belkis Rodriguez and her husbandAllen Hirsch property acquired for eight years as an escape to whirlwind of Manhattan. Luxurious comfort. Its owner called to place the farm” and distance vision appears so. However, to put the magnifying glass in the rooms, suites are revealed asmasked within a barn. The six quarters receive painters name formed in the first schoolHudson River local art School of Painters, not away from the inn.
There they will rest. From the journey begins in train journey becomes the harmonious thanks to aside the way you can see the river Hudson, “says Rodriguez. Once Catskill station it only takes 15 minutes to get to stay. You can go by car from the city or squaring a taxi to pick you up. No to do check in, all arrangements are made in the electronic reservation. only should ask the foreman the key of his cabinWhichever you choose will a stone fireplace, air conditioning, heating and jacuzzi. The roomsof the second floor has a private balcony and some skylights. in every corner is evident good taste in details: thread count Egyptian linens, fluffy towels, rubber boots walking through the field and coats when the cold dominates the place. Although no servicerestaurant, your hosts dwellings left in bars nutritious, tea, coffee, cereals and oats. Some visitors say Trip on the website Advisor to the rooms are equipped with refrigerator and microwave. Also can buy food in the farmers market close of accommodation.Bored, ever. Can you think that being a rural boredom will soon seize you. He is wrong. Near installations are most attractive mountains ski: Hunter and Windham Mountains. Rodriguez indicates that the firstvisitors were fans this sport, then appeared Travellers who sought break from the bustling town. Collectors also go to this site. 20 minutes farm are picturesque towns like Hudsonand wherein Saugerties Art galleries abound and with exquisite antiques shops. If you go with childrencomplete the task with a tour by the Hudson River or a walk horse. To eat not miss Love Bite restaurants and Miss Lucy’s in Saugerties. Back to The Kaaterskill activities continue. The lake that surrounds the 10 acres forest and walkways lends for kayaking, rowing and swimming during the summer. Contact with animals is one of the most interesting of stay. Three horses thoroughbred, goats, sheep, alpacas and cochinita media Victoria, who became famous Travel after special Channel took over the inn-are at the mercy of the affections guests. When you tire of exploring the ecosystem, a possibility to relax is the salon games with a pool table, darts, TV & Horns iPod. To enjoy these amenities must rent the whole place. “It happens that for weddings, families reserve the inn for two days and enable all classrooms as the gameroom or house lake.This year we have about 16 weddings, “says Rodriguez. There could be different. The Kaaterskill Inn not only emanates for those seeking tranquility Peace is also a point strategic to discover Antiques and feel the adrenaline of skiing. His landscapes are the scene every couple dreams to seal their love and who knows … maybe to return in a few years and reaffirm amid the jeweled Nature.?
A Venezuelan in New York
Belkis Rodriguez participated as a dancer in Florence Opera inTuscany, then traveled to NewYork to work in a workshop on ballet. She decided to move and do shows, there met the famous painter Allen Hirsch who made portrait of Bill Clinton White House. togetherventured into the world real estate and bought an old factory Soho area. the site was redeveloped, but essence retained adjacent taqueria. The place is christened Corner and after 10 years is still a bohemian restaurant, but exclusive, where must make reservation. The basement is the space most sophisticated three environments, the menu includes gourmet recipes Mexican next to drink Star of the night: Margarita. time after a couple of Meeting the artists style property CastkillDutch and made it their second treasure within the city that never sleeps.
The Data
Two years ago the journal Travel and Leisure put in his Cover The Kaaterskill Inn as one alternative luxury to stay in the Hudson Valley. the same New York Magazine made Magazine in a special on winter weddings.

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