The Dutch Barn Inn

1815 Dutch Barn – The Kaaterskill Inn

All weddings and events have the additional option of renting our restored Dutch Barn Inn, which features a full kitchen, reading den, billiards room, common area and six luxury suites all featuring spectacular views and jacuzzi baths. In addition to the four regularly rented guest suites, a full wedding rental also includes access to The Hirsch Suite and the Hart-Beers Suite. Use of the full Inn creates endless opportunities for both additional wedding weekend events and necessary wedding conveniences.

The Reading Den and Billiards Room

The reading den and billiards room are great spots pre-wedding parties, intimate ceremonies or additional rituals like ketubah signings and post-ceremony alone time for the newlyweds. Grooms and groomsmen seem to especially enjoy hanging out in these areas just before the ceremony and the endless art and artifacts that overflow the rooms constantly inspire photographers.


Whether you need the kitchen to store your cakes, host your brunch or simply feed the troops as you set-up, you’ll be so grateful for the extra space.

Common Area

The common room and the adjacent red brick patio is frequently used as a welcome area for guests; a place to leave a gift, grab a glass of lemonade and freshen up in the restroom prior to the ceremony. Its all white décor is a welcoming palette for couples to add their own personal touch.

Tack Room and Spa

Recently remodeled, the tack room is on the lower level with access to the rooms upstairs and the private spa rooms, completely detached from the activity outside for a cool and relaxing moment before making an appearance.

The Hirsch Suite

The Hirsch Suite is the picture of romance. A king size sleigh bed is cloaked in soft velvets and rich purple bedding. Breathtaking views from the second floor balcony are ideal for watching the sunset or your wedding guests arrive. This exclusive suite is available when you rent the entire Inn.

The Julie Hart-Beers Suite

The Julie Hart-Beers Suite, available when you rent the full Inn, is playful yet peaceful. It has spectacular sweeping views of the pond from the second floor and lots of comfy chairs for snuggling up with a book or a glass of celebratory champagne.