Thomas Cole Suite

1801 – 1848

An English born American and a well-heeled painter in England. When Cole returned to America in 1832 he found it disorienting and spirit-crushing, a competitive, commercial and uncivil, a land of uncontrolled and destructive appetites. He was committed to the place, he became a citizen
Cole chose wilderness, he left New York City in a steamship up the Hudson River for an upstate home, in Catskill, where he stayed, with his growing family.
He’s recognized as the founder of the Hudson River School of Painting, which was the first native school of painting in the United States; it was strongly nationalistic both in its proud celebration of the natural beauty of the American landscape and in the desire of its artists to become independent of European schools of painting. The colonizing of Nature he so hated — hyped as Manifest Destiny — was being cheered on by artists who claimed to revere him.

Visit the Thomas Cole House: a National Historic Site located in the Town of Catskill at only a few minutes from The Kaaterskill.


  • Comfortable King-sized bed
  • Private jacuzzi bath with separated shower
  • Stone fireplace
  • Private patio
  • Unique interior with panoramic mountain views
  • Small kitchenette
  • Hair dryer
  • Custom-designed lighting from work light to candlelight
  • The fastest wireless internet access
  • Flat-screen LCD Smart Tv with Roku and Google Chromecast
  • Easy-to-reach USB ports and power outlets
  • Mini Home Google wireless Bluetooth speaker
  • In-room safe
  • 60 Sq Ft
  • Max Occ 4
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